Monday, April 13, 2009

Qualys Inc - QA Intern interview questions

linux / windows

how to check if rpm package is installed or not?
How to install and uninstall module?
how to check the bootscreen text?

how software gets installed in linux, windows..etc
how to edit the registry entry in windows using gui


Socket programming apis
TCP Connection establishment and close
Socket APIs

traceroute ? how it works and whatis the meaning of stars ???

path MTU ...what is the purpose ?

TCP header format , flags, every thing

Port numbers again and again

Sliding window algorithm n how to solve the problem if rx is dropping the packet (manually set the limit)

Security related

SQL injection - every single time.....

IP Governance
How to test Nessus


Sudo code of sniffer

Perl - regular expression
text substitution
fatching text and all that stuff...

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